Ethiopia | Boji

Ethiopia | Boji

ORIGIN: Ethiopia

REGION:  Kochere, Boji

FARM: multiple smallholders

ALTITUDE: 1.790 - 1.900 masl

VARIETY: heirloom


FLAVOUR: Pfirsich , Darjeeling, Rose

peach, darjeeling, roses




Ethiopia | Boji

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Situated in the Kochere woreda of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and peoples Region, the

Boji washing station lies very close to the town of Yirgacheffe in the village of Ch'elelek'tu

about 25km away. Delivering to this station there are about 500 small holders all farming on

1ha of land each. This region is known for producing outstanding coffees and this lot is no

exception to the rule.

The Farmers will deliver their cherry to the washing station where it is sorted for between

under ripe, ripe and over ripe cherry before being depulped. After this the coffee is then

fermented and left for between 8-12 hours in water for the mucilage to be broken down by

bacteria to give the refined floral and intense flavours we associate with the area. After this

thecoffee is washed and then placed to dry on raised beds for 10 -14 days until 11% moisture is


Only until recently have these washing stations been able to sell their coffee directly as prior to

2017 all coffees had to go through the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange ‘ECX’ where they were

graded and allocated to a region. This would prevent traceability back to the washing station/

Coops. Now the farmers are being rewarded for producing better quality and separating the lots

as these are able to sell at higher prices and allowing these stations to work with the same

buyers year on year.

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